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Process Plant & Pharmaceutical Equipment

Process Plant and Pharmaceutical Equipments

Cadell also serve Process Plant and Pharmaceutical Industries in terms of design and manufacturing support.

Our Core Competencies

Distillation Columns in SS & Copper.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers in SS & Copper.

Reactors with Agitators and Jackets.

Heaters, Reboilers of Shell & Tube Type.

Evaporators (vacuum) of Short tube, Long tube, Falling Film Rising Film, Natural & Forced Circulation.

Single effect and multiple effects for various Products all in SS 304/316.

Vacuum Tray Driers in SS.

Process Tanks in SS.

Storage Tanks in SS (Upto 50 KL Capacity).

Vacuum Receivers in SS.

Nutsche Filters in SS.

Ribbon Blenders in SS.

Solvent Recovery Columns etc in SS.